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How many times have you had to attend a business meeting in an uninspiring hotel boardroom or ballroom, only to find that the real business happens in the private conversations you have with your colleagues in the bar or over dinner?

It is for this reason we decided to setup Ballinacurra House.  Our 20 years’ experience in the corporate world had shown us that ‘Privacy is the Ultimate Luxury’ – particularly in the corporate world.  It could mean the success or failure of your company or a product if the wrong people were to know what you are discussing, or even that you are discussing anything at all!

We are able to organise all aspects of your meeting including room setup, transfers, on-site or off-site activities, food and beverage.

And because we are flexible, you are not restricted to fixed breakfast, lunch or dinner times. You dictate your requirements to us during your event and we will accommodate these as much as possible.

We will give you expert service and the facilities required in order to make your meeting productive, successful yet enjoyable. And if your meeting’s target is to be creative with regards to a company’s future direction, the house lends itself to creativity rather than a bland hotel room or company board room.

Why not combine your stay here with some entertaining activities or team building activity?

In addition to the quality of the surroundings, you and your colleagues were friendly and welcoming whilst being discreet; attentive but not pushy; and always obliging

Phoenix Equity Partners, London, UK.

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