Ireland is considered one of the best angling destinations in Europe with the Irish climate perfectly suited to sport angling. It is temperate and kind to the angler with moderate summers, mild winters and adequate rainfall throughout the year. The warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift lap the south and west coasts, giving us a milder climate than our geographical location would indicate.

The region’s coastline is varied from magnificent sweeping bays, to rugged inlets to wide estuaries. In the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean warm water species such as blue shark and bass can be caught. But the best thing about basing your group at Ballinacurra, is that within a one hour drive of the House you have so many choices that you can fish a different style every day of the week – what about:

And don’t forget you’re in good company too with Whales, Dolphins, Basking Sharks, Sunfish, Otters, Humpbacks and Giant Leatherback Turtles for company too!

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