Executive Board Meetings & Strategy Sessions

… Where Plans Begin and Problems Solved …

Your environment makes a big difference to how easily you can solve problems and brainstorm creative ideas.  And noise levels and interruptions make a big difference. So that’s why it’s well worth escaping the office and all its distractions. So come to Ballinacurra House for strategic thinking … wander through the forest for a creative break … or sit around the firepit for a late night brainstorming session … whilst you are being looked after by our discreet and professional team.  

And as the whole property is yours for the time you are here, you have a range of elegant rooms, comfortable living rooms and functional meeting spaces to host your session or board meeting – all in complete privacy. An executive retreat at Ballinacurra House not only recharges the brain but also restores energy, vitality and creativity.

And while you’re here, why not enjoy ‘conscious eating’ and have our head chef prepare food that is not only good for the body but for the brain.  And you can even learn some cooking tips from him as well in our onsite cookery school.

I recently hosted a significant international strategy event for one of my major clients – hosting delegates from all continents, representing the boards and including the global CEO and President.  Ballinacurra offered us the opportunity to plan strategy with no external distractions. The staff were completely unobtrusive but exceedingly professional. The level of food, accommodation and hospitality was outstanding.  Having Ballinacurra as a fully private and exclusive venue was valuable beyond expectation as we had no issues over side meetings, confidential discussions and security.”

Amscan Holdings