Have you said YES this Valentine’s Day

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Congratulations – you’re engaged! Before you start any planning make sure you CELEBRATE. This is your special day and it is paramount you both enjoy it. We have outlined the first 5 things you should have a think about to kick start your wedding planning process. Which is a really fun and enjoyable experience.

Date This is where the excitement start kicking in – choosing the perfect date. First things first are you organised?? If you are good at making decision, then believe it or not a short lead time can cause less stress when planning a wedding. If it’s good enough for Meghan and Harry, it can’t be that difficult!! Peak times are always going to be more expensive and can be difficult to make sure all your loved ones are available. Don’t forget if you have overseas guest as they will need time to make travel arrangements. Be sensible! This is Ireland, a summer date doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be sunny! (remember to choose a venue which has an indoor contingency plan). Be Flexible! The more flexible you are with your dates; the more options are available . If you have a specific date in mind, you may have to book with a long lead time. Peak dates for example bank holidays and weekends, no matter where you choose will always be more expensive.


Budget First before we get into the fun aspects, we must mention your wedding budget. Pick a realistic budget which you think you can stick to (Always allow a small contingency – Pinterest is a curse and a gift!) Once you have this figure, remember to include everything from the flip flops for dancing to the honeymoon afterwards. Prioritise what is most important to you! Think of all the weddings you have been too and what two things do you remember. In our experience it is always the food and entertainment which guests will speak of most

Venue One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day is picking a Venue. This is where your special day will be brought to life. There is no doubt about it the latest trend in venues is private and exclusive. Here at Ballinacurra House we are pioneer’s in this bespoke type of venue and the tailored service associated with,but we also add a touch of magic. Other venue types you can chose from:

  • Hotel – this is the traditional wedding we have all been too.
  • Venues that you just hire the space e.g. Barns, some castles.
  • Restaurant/Bar (remember only for the food).
  • Private residents – Marquee

Remember to check with your venue, that civil ceremonies can be performed on the premise/grounds. Also remember when considering your venue insure that they venue can cater for you.

Ultimately make sure you fall in love with your venue and don’t “settle”, you will remember this day for the rest of your life.

Guest list The first and most foremost thing to remember is that this is your day! in order of preference list who are the most important people in your lives in which you want to share this once in a lifetime experience with. These people are going to be with you at the start to finish of the wonderful journey. First things first draw up your guest list with everyone and walk away from it…. (get a cup of tea or even better a glass of wine). Then come back and have another look and start to prioritise your guests. You will find that naturally you are some declines.Wedding days are busy! If you can keep your numbers at around the 100 mark it allows you more time to spend with those special people.If numbers are causing you an issue, why not consider a 2-day event and invite them to your recovery day when you will have more time to spend with everybody. The second days are generally less expensive and may allow you to facilitate this.

Creative Ideas Although it is last on our list, it is by no means the least. This is where the real fun begins! Let your creative juices go wild. There are rare opportunities in life where you can express your own individuality on an event. Whether you love pink and glitz or goth and glam, are a movie buff or share an interesting hobby, incorporate any wonderful ideas into your day. There are four main ways to handle your decor and theming:

Full Planning – they will handle everything from basic structure of the day, food, entertainment, décor etc. These can be an expensive option but have the advantage of taking a lot of the logistics and dare I say the word stress away from you.

Stylist – These primarily deal with just décor. You give them your brief of what you want and they will source your décor items, implement your ideas and breakdown afterwards.

DIY – You source and organise all aspects of the décor and hire someone to put things in place for you (can be difficult if time is an issue)

Classic & Simple – you may need little or no décor that your florist and venue will supply.

If your vision for your special day is private estate that will give you a sense of intimacy and exclusivity, talk to us about the things that really matter for your wedding, come have a chat and a private tour with us , 021 4779040 [email protected] . Remember privacy is the ultimate luxury and it sets a completely different tone to a celebration. https://www.ballinacurra.com/weddings/