The Private Wedding Trend has Gone Mainstream

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The Private Wedding Trend has Gone Mainstream

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The private estate used to be the elite option for exclusive weddings. But in the last decade, as the wedding industry grew, so too did the desire for couples to move away from the ‘factory’ weddings in search for something a little more private and personalised. This lead to a trend in choosing exclusive venues like manor houses and private country estates.

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Here in Ballinacurra we have been pioneering this concept for over a decade. Before it was cool!! Couples are not forced into buying a ‘package’ wedding when they go the private estate route. They can pick and choose what they think their guests will enjoy and consume. They won’t waste money throwing in extra courses or additional items that tend to be fillers.

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Couples that book Ballinacurra fall in love with the aesthetic and atmosphere of the place and it’s more authentic and quirky setting. There is very little styling necessary as the house is already so ornate and stylish. No standard hotel rooms here. So need to rent in other suppliers to jazz the place up!

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Another growing trend with private estates is the concept of turning the wedding celebration into a 2 or 3 day mini vacation. This has been referred to as the ‘Buddymoon’ where by the couple take the day before and day after the wedding to spend some time with all their guests. You will never get the exact same people together again. So make the most of it.

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Couples are finding more value in renting private estates with their nearest and dearest and having the property to themselves to have BBQ’s, outdoor games and other fun activities. Guest can pay as they go, if they choose but at least they will all be together and not struggling to find suitable spaces for everyone to be together.

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The future of weddings is private – where couples write their own wedding story. Fancy a walk around to see why Ballinacurra has become know as the most exceptional wedding venue in Ireland? We would love to give you a private viewing 021 4779040 [email protected]