Destination Kinsale – Where Business Meets Pleasure

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Kinsale – Where Business Meets Pleasure

Over the years Ballinacurra has welcomed its fair share of heavy-hitters, celebrities & A-listers. With Kinsale as a backdrop for any gathering or celebration, guests are spoilt for choice. If they don’t find enough to do on our glorious 40 acres’ private estate, they have an abundance of local activities to keep them entertained.

Nikkin & Damian 4.07.2015

But the town of Kinsale itself, continues to rise in popularity. The sheer demand for this piece of heaven is strongly reflected in the house prices for the area. People who have not had the pleasure of visiting Kinsale are probably a bit shocked at the prices that locally property is raising. But people who know the place well, understand the magic that Kinsale holds.

What is certain is that Kinsale is a one-of-a-kind town and its winding streets and old world charm have a continental feel. The town itself it steeped in history and you can literally walk through the various parts of Kinsale and ‘walk in your ancestor’s footsteps’.

Pano Kinsale

The real beauty of the town however, isn’t in its multi-million euro properties. Kinsale has the best infrastructure gifted to us by nature first and foremost, which was then built upon by passionate local people for generations. The town has a vibe and a charm that cannot be replicated and this is the real reason why people feel so at ease and comfortable here. The history, the views and scenery, the culture and quaintness of the place and its people. It has its own eclectic vibe. There are layers and layers of elements that make the place so special.

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There is quite literally something for everyone in the long list of amenities and things to do in Kinsale; history, art, sailing, fishing, surfing, golf. But it’s not only people in Ireland who are recognising Kinsale for the beaut she is. It seems that the whole world wants a piece of Kinsale right now and the media have been buzzing and talking about all things Kinsale!

Soul Wall Bubbly Bar

Not to mention the golf! Avid golfers travel from all over the world to play this prestigious course. Old Head is a spectacular golf location and it would be hard to find hard to match the breath taking views.

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Kinsale is recognised for its natural assets and its attractiveness to the international Jet-set. There is a magic combination in Kinsale that is hard to replicate. By nature, it has it all.  It runs much deeper than being the Gourmet Capital of Ireland. Geographically, we are blessed to be on the water and surrounded by beach and raw cliff sides.


It’s a no brainer for any Irish corporates that want to mix business with pleasure, without having to dust off the passport.  It really is the perfect storm for any epic party or get-together! Smart companies are taking to Kinsale to give their corporate clients a trip to remember.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take care of business and get the ball rolling on your next corporate event. Go beyond your guest’s expectations and let’s work together to create a bespoke itinerary that is sure to get them excited. We can work all of the local amenities into your itinerary. Call Contact us on 021 4779040 [email protected]