Demand for Private Venues Still on the Rise

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Demand for Private Venues Still on the Rise

In the modern world privacy is becoming increasingly sought after.  With mobile phones, social media, pictures on camera phones etc privacy is becoming harder to come by. Therefore when it comes to something special like a wedding or group celebration, it is no surprise that more and more people want to use private venues so that they can enjoy an authentic experience with friends and family.

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Choosing a hotel that is part of a chain of recognisable hotel group leaves the wedding feeling a bit generic or the same as other weddings that your guests might have attended. People want an experience that feels more genuine and connected with the local area rather than an accommodation that feels like a basic service that covers the basic food and beverage, and accommodation requirements.

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There is something definitely special about a private venue when it comes to how well your guest mingle. When they know they have the place to themselves, guests tend to make themselves more at home and it encourages them to be more relaxed.

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In private venues, there is more scope to do what you want in terms of the running order of the day. There are less restrictions which allows for more personalisation throughout the day.

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With private celebrations at Ballinacurra House, the venue is purely focused on you.  This means that your private group can get a bespoke service that is tailored exactly to what you want.  Therefore you can let staff know about specific dietary requirements or help for any elderly guest that may have access issues.


Let’s face it, if you are only hoping to get married once, you want to do it right! Why wouldn’t you want to create the most memorable day ever.


At Ballinacura House we believe in giving people the experience they deserve (and we have the awards to prove it!) We want to make your events memorable for all the right reasons.  Contact us today to find out how we can make your private event extra special! 021 4779040 [email protected]