The Benefits of a Bank Holiday Wedding

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Everyone Loves a Long Weekend

One of the most coveted dates in the Ballinacurra calendar – the June bank holiday weekend – has just become available, due to a postponement to a later date. This opens up an exciting opportunity for some love birds that just can’t wait to be wed!

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Choosing a long weekend, is always a good idea because there are many hidden benefits for both you and your guests. Everyone loves a long weekend – it’s a great time to relax and unwind, and spend time with friends and family.

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For you it means, you have an extra day to prepare or an extra day to recover, depending on what date you choose to wed. The other plus is that your wedding anniversary will always fall near a long weekend; how romantic!

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The mood in the run up to a long weekend is always exciting. People naturally build up to it. This can add to the vibe and energy of your big day.

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For guests it means that they don’t have to end the celebrations and head home to get ready for work and start the week feeling zonked. They get to enjoy either the pre-day celebration or recovery day celebrations (or both!) without feeling the pressure to fly away in a hurry. Often there is more fun on the day before or after the wedding as friends and family get to know each other and exchanger stories of how they know the bride and groom.


It can also mean that the extra day off can save them from having to take annual leave from work.

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If you have guests traveling from further afield that need time to travel to the wedding, that extra day will be very welcomed. It will also give them a bit more downtime to explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Kinsale.


Nobody’s exact situation is the same of course. But if you are considering making the most of a bank holiday weekend, be sure to grab this date you want before someone else does! We can fast track all the planning elements without any stress.

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