6 Reasons for a Shorter Engagement

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6 Reasons for a Shorter Engagement

If its good enough for Meghan Markle then its good enough for any bride! Gone are the days of wishing 2 years away, dreaming of walking up that aisle. The trend now is to have a shorter engagement with a more in-the-moment type of celebration followed shortly after. This is certainly a trend we are seeing with celebrities and royalty lately. But there are quite a few good reasons why we think short engagements work best.

More Time equals more overthinking

The more time you give yourself the more you get pulled down a rabbit hole overthinking every element of the wedding. Chances are with a long engagement, you will see a few trends come and go which this will only add to the confusion. Less time allows you to focus on what elements you like right now instead of trying to keep up with what trends are coming down the tracks.


The excitement of the engagement doesn’t wear off

The engagement is such a beautiful time and having those lovely memories fresh in your head is a great way to keep the momentum and excitement going. Friends and family are also involved in this excitement when they don’t have to wait too long to mark the special day. So it kind of sets the mood.


The More Time you Give it the more time it takes

Getting married will actually take over a lot of your time. So why drag it out. Give yourself 6 months max. This way it only gets to consume you for a much shorter time. Shorter engagements encourage simplicity and decisiveness. You will be surprised at how quick you can make a good decision when you don’t have time to delay it. It makes for efficient planning with no time to allow stress to creep in.

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 Your Guest List won’t keep changing

Having a long engagement means your circle of friends and work colleagues could change a lot over the course of the time. Having a shorter engagement means you will only be inviting your current pool of friends and family.


The focus is on the marriage not on the stuff

Less time to debate on the planning elements, allows the couple to really zone in on whats about to happen and stay focused on whats important to them as a couple – starting their life together. Many couples experience withdrawals and a bit of a low after the wedding if its taken up a year or two of your time. Shorter engagements allow you to adjust easier into normal life afterwards.

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You Get to be a Married couple sooner

This is a lovely stage of life that should be enjoyed before you start a family, if you are lucky enough to do so. Why delay this lovely time. Also, from a more unromantic side of things, you probably will do better in terms of taxes and insurance plans etc that you might be on as singletons.

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